INS to have executive committee meeting in Delhi today

INS to have executive committee meeting in Delhi today

Author | exchange4media News Service | Monday, Jan 01,1900 7:27 AM

INS to have executive committee meeting in Delhi today

The INS is having its executive committee meeting in the capital today. This meeting is expected to be well attended and amongst other things, the issue of FDI in print, is also on the agenda. As reported in exchange4media the INS President Pratap Pawar had issued a letter to its constituent members on the issue of FDI in Print in the third week of February and had urged the members to respond in next two weeks. It is likely that the viewpoints and outcome of this opinion seeking exercise on FDI might be discussed.

A senior INS functionary and executive committee member shared with exchange4media that though he would like to see FDI in Print issue to be discussed and a consensus be reached on this amongst members, but going by previous meetings it might not be possible to reach conclusions in today’s meeting.

In the recent past INS has initiated various initiatives including the INS Think Print awards and also commissioned the Media Multiplier study so as to stress upon the importance and efficacy of print as a medium. In the past INS has also tried to examine issues like default by new agencies, the archiac MRV system and other issues impacting all the members of INS. The manual nature of the MRV system and the lag due to it has been a point of consideration at some INS deliberations. INS should also take some solace in the fact that a relatively new body in broadcasting arena, the IBF used INS like guidelines by signing an agreement with AAAI for payment of broadcasters.

The issue of FDI in print is an important issue and it might be sometime before INS members move forward on this. But miracles do happen and it’s been some time since Print industry saw a miracle so who knows what shape today’s discussion takes. Well we will let you soon. Keep glued on!

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