Inquilab launches supplement for Urdu youth ‘Qaum’

Inquilab launches supplement for Urdu youth ‘Qaum’

Author | Supriya Thanawala | Tuesday, May 01,2007 9:37 AM

Inquilab launches supplement for Urdu youth ‘Qaum’

For a new generation of readers, Mid Day’s Urdu daily Inquilab is out with a supplement, which will be distributed together. Qaum has been launched for that younger section of the Muslim community in Mumbai, which may not be fluent with the Urdu language, but interested in reading about the community-specific news that the daily has been providing.

Quam is an eight-page supplement, and will target the youth. Tariq Ansari, Managing Director, Mid Day Multimedia, said, “We heard from the community we serve that while the older generation was reading the paper, there was a clear need to serve younger readers. This younger audience may not be fluent in the language, but are interested in knowing about the world from the distinct filter of our editorial position.”

He added, “We will concentrate on news and features that are of specific interest to a liberal Muslim audience.” Ansari also said that while it was premature to discuss launches in other cities, there is a strong possibility that they will make it an independent product.

In terms of advertising sales, Ansari said that it was not something they were looking at as its priority at the moment. He said, “We are currently only focussing on readership, and will look into the aspect of advertising revenue much later.”

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