India Today Group to launch Mail Today in Delhi by the weekend

India Today Group to launch Mail Today in Delhi by the weekend

Author | Rishi Vora | Tuesday, Nov 13,2007 7:02 AM

India Today Group to launch Mail Today in Delhi by the weekend

The India Today Group has announced the launch of Mail Today, a newspaper venture in collaboration with Associated Newspapers (ANL), the publishers of Daily Mail. Mail Today is expected to hit the Delhi market by the end of this week, and the Group plan’s are to gradually increase editions for a nationwide presence.

With a number of newpapers already in the market, India Today and Daily Mail have decided to adopt a different look for the newspaper with a completely different approach towards its packaging and content creation. The idea is to target the middle class Indians, and give them what the other newspapers haven’t been providing.

Aroon Purie, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, India Today Group, said, “It was 32 years ago when India Today expanded into TV, radio, music and books. We never got a chance to be among the newspapers. We are now delighted to officially announce the launch of Mail Today in India with the Delhi edition going upfront.” Purie further said that the current newspapers were catering to everybody and anybody, and that there was a need of a paper that was bold, easy to read, compact and more importantly, one that would take a clear stance.

Purie also explained that content for ‘women’ was an area uncovered by the existing newspapers, and that Mail Today would have it as a differentiating factor along with content for young and aspiring professionals. “I am sure Mail Today will be a completely different newspaper from the other existing newspapers, and it will be a newspaper that the whole of India would be proud of,” said Purie.

Bharat Bhushan, Editor, Mail Today, stressed that the content would concentrate on taking a stance. He said, “We believe we have hired people who are the best in the business. On the content side, there is clear focus on considering moral issues and taking a stance. Through innovation in style and look, and by setting high quality journalism standards, we think that Mail Today will make its own mark in the market.”

Explaining their target audience, Bhushan said that they were looking at people who were against unjust activities and who believed in raising their voices for the good of the society. “Our readers are those who have great social concern, who are intelligent, young and professional middle class people,” he added.

The paper would have a total of around 48 pages. Initially there are no plans to publish supplements along with the paper, but officials have informed that they might look at it as a future option. The paper is expected to hit the Delhi market by the end of this week with a print run of 120,000 copies, and plans are on for the paper to be rolled out across India.

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