India Today engages readers through ‘Future Unplugged’ contest

India Today engages readers through ‘Future Unplugged’ contest

Author | Sumita Patra | Thursday, Nov 03,2005 7:10 AM

India Today engages readers through ‘Future Unplugged’ contest

Brands have been making a lot of noise to grab the attention of consumers through lucrative promotions or exciting contests. And a very innovative one is currently on offer from the India Today Group. Its ‘Future Unplugged’ contest for its flagship brand, India Today, has been on from September 30, and will continue till December 5.

The group has given readers an opportunity to voice their opinion on various issues of national importance ranging from the Indian economy, technology and politics to sports, art, culture and cinema. The contest, in a way, has become a forum where Indians can come out with their opinions and make themselves heard. Besides, readers also get a chance to participate in a poll for shaping India’s future.

Pankaj Krishna, Senior Brand Manager, India Today, said, “In today’s scenario of mindless game shows and talent hunts, Future Unplugged is a distinctly different promotion involving the consumer’s mind. This is one of the biggest promotions for readers of weekly magazines across the country. Whether it’s the interesting topics that are picked up or the fabulous prizes that are doing the trick, India Today has its readers engaged.”

As part of the contest, each India Today magazine (only those in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam languages) carries a contest entry form with a scratch sticker pasted on it. The sticker, when scratched, shows two outcomes, numerical points or an instant scratch prize. The reader on getting numerical points collects it over 10 weeks.

The lucky winners stand a chance to win books, CDs, phone sets, vacuum cleaners. However, the weekly bumper prizes include prizes like Maruti Swift cars, DVDs, camera phones, iPods and microwaves.

Besides, there are chances of winning a Honda Accord, laptops and camcorders as jackpot prizes, but only those who collect the maximum numerical points over a 10-week period become eligible for them.

Elated over the overwhelming response to the contest, Umesh Kumar, General Manager-Marketing, India Today, said, “The Future Unplugged contest is doing very well. Coming from a publication that likes to test its readers from time to time and seeing the overwhelming response, I can assure all our readers that we will have many more such contests in the near future.”

The magazine has notched up over 100,000 responses in just over a fortnight. So, those of you who haven’t had the chance to walk away with exciting gifts can still grab an India Today issue till December 5 and be a part of the Future Unplugged contest.

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