IBEF to bring out 'India Now' magazine to promote business opportunity

IBEF to bring out 'India Now' magazine to promote business opportunity

Author | Anushree Madan Mohan | Tuesday, Mar 01,2005 7:18 AM

IBEF to bring out 'India Now' magazine to promote business opportunity

India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF) has conceived of India Now magazine as one of the instruments to promote and market India as a business opportunity. The magazine has a two-fold purpose. Firstly, it seeks to present the world the strengths of Brand India, which has come to be associated with the increasing global Indian corporations. Secondly, it aims to project the export competitiveness of India from the being the centre of excellence for software to evolve into a manufacturing hub for global industry.

Ajay Khanna, CEO, IBEF, said, "Our research on perceptions of India in overseas markets reveal that there still exists a fair amount of misperception about the country's capabilities and expertise. If an India-connection has managed to become a very significant plus point in Silicon Valley, in many other commercial centres the 'Made in India' tag continues to be a handicap. India Now would like to play its part in correcting this economic misperception of the country by highlighting the rapid strides being made by Indian business and industry, both within the country and globally."

He added, "The content will be broad-based. It'll include segments on technology, strategy, infrastructure, prospects, and interviews with policy makers. There will also be a focus on soft sectors such as fashion and tourism, besides the regular updates on policy and financial markets."

Khanna said that the need of the hour is to bring such magazines, which would bring in more of investment for Indian entrepreneurs and foster their standing in the international market. He said, "Presentation of the magazine is of utmost importance. We are focusing on bringing viewpoints and well-researched articles from those who are authorities in their respective fields. Articles will be written in a lucid style. The magazine, a quarterly, will be contemporary in its look and feel, with emphasis being laid on aesthetics, visuals and quality of production."

"The target audience of India Now is international business. Through India Now, we are looking at reaching out to a focused global audience towards bringing India within their radar view as the preferred business partner. The magazine is targeted at a carefully selected audience both within the country and abroad. It will be addressed across continents to top and senior business management, institutional investors; policy and decision makers in governments and international trade and business promotion agencies etc. It will be also be sent to the Indian ministries."

Meanwhile Marzban Patel, Chairman & MD, Mediascope, said, "I think that it's a fabulous showcase to portray the prowess of the Indian market and the kind of entrepreneurs that we have here. We have an eye for specifics as we are basically examining each and every sector of the market. Mediascope is marketing and promoting the magazine, in addition to designing and publishing it. We are also involved to some degree in the content arena."

India Brand Equity Foundation is a public-private partnership between the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India and the Confederation of Indian Industry. The foundation's primary objective is to build positive economic perceptions of India globally. IBEF is taking measured steps in this direction after carefully building its bouquet of instruments - India Now being one of these - to convey the message on the changing face of Indian business.

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