HT Media’s 6-day Printworks seminar gets underway in Delhi from Nov 22

HT Media’s 6-day Printworks seminar gets underway in Delhi from Nov 22

Author | Akash Raha | Tuesday, Nov 23,2010 7:45 AM

HT Media’s 6-day Printworks seminar gets underway in Delhi from Nov 22

Hindustan Times and Hindustan from the HT Media Ltd stable are jointly organising the six-day long Printworks seminar – ‘The Newspaper Expo’. Being held in Delhi from November 22-27, 2010, the aim of this seminar is to make newspaper advertising easy and to provide advertising solutions to marketers.

There will be seven sessions each day. The objective behind this seminar is to introduce potential customers to print advertising and help them grow their business by getting new customers while maintaining the best relations with the ones they already have.

Diptakirti Chaudhuri, AVP, Marketing, HT Media Ltd, said, “We work with an international partner – Boost Media International. They regularly conduct similar programmes across Europe, the US, South East Asia and Australia. Boost works with some of the biggest names in media across the world and with different media vehicles. It is a proven model and works brilliantly for small and medium enterprises.”

With this seminar, HT Media Ltd is looking at introducing new advertisers to the power of newspaper advertising through which they can reach out to their customers and build their brands.

Chaudhuri added, “Printworks is essentially an education seminar, which will help new advertisers tap into the huge readership base of Hindustan Times and Hindustan. It will not only provide them with a platform, but also provide them with solutions best suited for their business and educate them on the intricacies of print advertising. It is not a space selling exercise, but truly a process of consultative partnership, which is focused on building businesses for small and medium enterprises through effective print advertising. This is the fourth time we are conducting this seminar, and we are thrilled with the number of customers who continue to advertise regularly with us after attending these seminars. This ultimately is a testimony to the value that they are getting out of the programme.”


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