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House of brands to branded house: Jagran fortifies market presence with new corporate identity

House of brands to branded house: Jagran fortifies market presence with new corporate identity

Author | Nitin Pandey | Wednesday, Nov 10,2010 7:38 AM

House of brands to branded house: Jagran fortifies market presence with new corporate identity

In a first of its kind corporate branding exercise, Jagran Prakashan Ltd (JPL) is rebranding its corporate identity. JPL’s new corporate identity is being unveiled on November 10, 2010. The new logo has been designed by Ray+Keshavan.

The new logo – a rising sun – lends a distinctive identity and unified face to the group. The colour palette of red and yellow that has been used to develop the new brand identity is also energetic and optimistic. It is a contemporary rendition of the sun that is highly distinctive and suitable for the modern, progressive organisation that group aspires to be. The Jagran Sun is composed of overlapping layers, communicating the various businesses that work as one unified entity.

Commenting on the rebranding exercise, Basant Rathore, VP - Strategy and Brand Management, Jagran Prakashan Ltd, said, “This is indeed a proud moment for the organisation as it launches a cohesive corporate identity for the brand. Over a period of time, JPL has diversified into multiple platforms within the media space, and today we are into Print, OOH, Activations, Mobile and Internet, which with the launch of the new identity falls under one big umbrella.”

“Currently, the Group’s perception is driven by the flagship brand Dainik Jagran. There is limited awareness of the other operations. This is only natural, given that the other businesses are nascent. However, as we move forward, and as our other businesses gain momentum, it was important for us a group to make a move from a respected newspaper to an admired media conglomerate. This will help us enhance and communicate our breadth of offering and scale,” Rathore added.

Speaking on this development, Meeta Malhotra, Director, Ray+Keshavan, the creative agency on the business, said, “We were delighted to partner with Jagran to help them create value in their brand portfolio and create an integrated media powerhouse. Jagran has powerful business divisions to add value to its clients. Using the corporate branding opportunity, we have created a master brand. We strongly believe this will help Jagran in achieving Growth, Direction and Protection for the corporate brand.”

House of brands to Branded house
Rathore maintained that this exercise was much beyond just a change of logo. He added, “It is about future-proofing the brand so that the architecture created today endures through time and business growth. This exercise is also about setting in place a robust system that protects the equity of the ‘Jagran’ master brand. This will help us in presenting an integrated offering to our clients.”

He further said, “The word ‘Jagran’ means awakening and the most powerful depiction of this idea lies in the Rising Sun. As a media conglomerate, JPL’s objective is to create enlightenment and there can be no better face for the brand than the Sun dispelling the darkness and ushering in light and warmth to the world. The new corporate logo will complement all the businesses of JPL, allowing the brand to create a seamless identity across so as to help leverage the Jagran brand.”

“The new corporate identity binds the business together – gives it a unique identity and a unified face to the organisation. It helps leverage cross platform benefits and positions the organisation favourably amongst its various stakeholders. So far, we were a ‘house of brands’. Now we are moving towards a ‘branded house’. This will help us enhance communicate our breadth of offering and scale,” concluded Rathore.


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