Honda Siel to spend Rs 10 crore on multi-media

Honda Siel to spend Rs 10 crore on multi-media

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Honda Siel to spend Rs 10 crore on multi-media

The Honda Siel Cars India Ltd. (Honda India) will kick off Rs 10 crore multi-media marketing blitz to establish the international bestseller Honda Accord in the Indian market. Targeted at upscale import buyers and ‘‘discerning car enthusiasts”, Honda Accord has adopted a brand platform of ‘Style & Substance in Perfect Harmony,’ created by Everest Integrated Communications.

The launch campaign will try to reinforce Honda’s core message of technology and luxury. However, in our positioning statement, the agency has avoided the phrase ‘luxury’, as it has become a cliche. The TVC visuals, which focus on ampersand sign (&) and smooth drive, are aimed at building the expressions of comfort and total responsiveness of the vehicle which is critical for car enthusiasts.

Based on internal studies and market research inputs from AC Nielson, Honda India has set a sales target of 2,500 Accords by the coming fiscal-end, in addition to 11,000 City cars. The company is expecting to post Rs 1,000 crores in this fiscal, up from Rs 700 crores last year. According to Honda sources, the company is also expecting its spare parts turnover to rise significantly to Rs 35 crores this fiscal up from Rs 26 crores in 2000-01.

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