HLL kicks off direct-to-home project

HLL kicks off direct-to-home project

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HLL kicks off direct-to-home project

In bid to promote its first e-commerce venture — Sangam Direct, Hindustan Lever Limited (HLL) has launched a community building programme called ‘Thane Sangam’ on select cable television channels such as In Mumbai and Liberty, in Thane from October 10 this year. Targeted at housewives, “Thane Sangam” is a local community building programme which is a joint venture between Mudra Videotec and HLL’s Sangam Direct,

Conceived and produced by Mudra Videotec, the show Thane Sangam includes chat shows, cookery lessons and beauty tips among others. The objective is to create a community offline for Sangam Direct. And Thane Sangam is perhaps the first community-building exercise of its kind on local cable channels. Based on the community television-broadcasting model, this daily show features talented women with target-specific themes and research-based content.

Thane Sangam will also give local advertisers an opportunity to bring in low-cost, target-specific advertising in this suburb with 9.5 lakh population. To start with, HLL will beam its television commercials during this show. And slowly other companies will also air their commercials.

The programme content, the episodes have been divided into five segments namely, Grihani, Rasoi, Shringar, Hamare Bachche and Naya Kuchh. The show is designed to impart useful information that would interest an average housewife.

Sangam is among the nine new ventures of HLL. The others include: Confectionery, Project Shakti — which involves rural self-help groups, Healthcare, Water, Out-of-home services, niche imports from Unilever, and funding innovative employee ideas.

Sangam is the latest direct-to-home pilot kicked off in Thane district. By convention it is a grocery delivery service to homes. Sangam has set up call centres and a Website where consumers can send in their requests and the delivery will take place in 24 hours. The company in future may also include other services.

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