Hindustan Times revises ad rates. 'Impact' to counter 'Maximizer'

Hindustan Times revises ad rates. 'Impact' to counter 'Maximizer'

Author | exchange4media News Service | Thursday, Sep 12,2002 7:52 AM

Hindustan Times revises ad rates. 'Impact' to counter 'Maximizer'

The leading English daily, Hindustan Times has revised its advertising tariff upwards. The new tariff structure - Impact, billed as 'a media tool to reach your TG most effectively', becomes applicable from October 10, 2002. Impact brings with it a shift in the way advertising rates were structured thus far.

The new rates are marginally higher than the current structure. While advertising in Delhi edition of Hindustan Times is pegged at Rs 2700 per CC (BW) currently, the new tariff is Rs. 3000 per CC (BW). Similarly while all the editions of Hindustan Times can be availed at Rs. 2750 per CC currently, the new tariff is Rs 3100 per CC.

But the significant change is the increase in flexibility for the advertiser. This flexibility comes in form of Volume and Insertion incentive built into the tariff structure. So the rate for HT Delhi edition for 7+ insertions (or more than 751 cc) drops to Rs 2650 pcc (BW), from Rs 3000 pcc currently. Of course this discounts comes with the standard caveats attached. The total advertising volume should be consumed within 90 days and should carry ads for 'same product from same agency.'

Says Rupak Agarwal, GM, Marketing, "Impact is conceived to provide flexibility to our clients. Earlier, the insertion incentives were available on our city supplements only. Now we are offering the same on the main editions as well."

Is Impact conceived to counter the recently introduced Maximizer by the Times Group? Some resemblances are hard to ignore. The two have almost identical slabs (1-2 insertions; 3-5 Insertions and so on) for the insertion discounts. Hindustan Times, however, has a more aggressive discounting for each slab.

"No, this is not a reaction to competition. We were planning this change since the beginning of the year," argues Agarwal.

But where Hindustan Times's Impact scores is that it bundles 'Volume' discount as well. For instance the 11.6% discount available at 7+ insertions is also available at volume consumption of 750+ CC. However, the space will have to be consumed within 90 days. This should help media planners in their launch campaigns that typically have large ad sizes and a high frequency to generate impact.

The price hike by these two leading newspaper is likely to be followed by host of such announcement. It seems most large newspapers have taken such upward revisions almost for granted. With economy in a bad shape and consumer spending showing little signs of improvement, one wonders how marketers will stomach this round of increase.

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