Hindustan Times, Delhi goes for revamp, brings in leisure reading on Saturday

Hindustan Times, Delhi goes for revamp, brings in leisure reading on Saturday

Author | Asit Ranjan Mishra | Monday, Jun 05,2006 6:52 AM

Hindustan Times, Delhi goes for revamp, brings in leisure reading on Saturday

After revamping its Hindi offering, Hindustan, in Delhi in December 2005, HT Media Ltd has made several innovations in its Delhi edition of Hindustan Times as well.

A new section called HT2 has been created, which is an 8-page pullout with business and global news put together. With expanded coverage of business and world news and views, this segment targets the more serious readers.

Said Anand Bhardwaj, VP-Marketing, HT Media Ltd, “India is now connected more with global business. Delhi is now more of a corporate city from being a government city. This new innovation is more to meet the needs of this global Delhiite.”

HT2, which appears six days a week, Monday to Saturday, will also include a weekly ‘Billboard’ section focusing on marketing and advertising. Another weekly spread on personal finance has also been added to give elaborate listing to mutual funds. Sports will get expanded coverage on the main HT now.

The metro pages will also see new columns like ‘Myspace@HT’ through which readers can speak on issues they feel strongly about. ‘My Crib’ is a new column where readers can write about their own grievances. Soon there will be an ‘HT Connect’ branding within selective stories through which readers will be asked to opine on crucial stories through SMS on 4242, the short code of HT.

Another important innovation has been the revamp of HT’s Saturday edition. ‘Hindustan Times on Saturday’ will focus more on light weekend reading. The editorial page has been revamped for this day. Now, there will be two editorials instead of the daily three and more space will be given to the ‘Saturday Letters’ section. Several features have been added through pages on People, Faith, Life and Reviews. Poonam Saxena’s much followed media column will now appear on Saturday instead of Sunday.

For Sunday, minor changes have been made in the edition. Brunch magazine, which comes free with HT every Sunday, will see a revamp and will be made more colourful.

Speaking on the revamp, Bhardwaj said, “Sectionalisation is now a worldwide phenomenon, meant to make it easier for readers to find sections of their special interest and convenient reading.”

Asked whether the same changes would be made in the Mumbai edition, Bhardwaj replied, “The ‘HT on Saturday’ has been introduced in Mumbai as well and in due course other sections might be brought in.”

Both the leading dailies in Delhi – Hindustan Times and Times of India – have increased their prices from Rs 2 to Rs 2.50 from May 15, 2006. The last time both these dailies had increased their prices was on March 31, 2005, a hike of 50 paisa.

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