Harper's Bazaar Bride appoints Nishiraj Baruah as Executive Editor

Harper's Bazaar Bride appoints Nishiraj Baruah as Executive Editor

Author | exchange4media News Service | Thursday, Aug 21,2014 8:17 AM

Harper's Bazaar Bride appoints Nishiraj Baruah as Executive Editor

In a recent development, Managing Editor of Shubh Yatra, Air India’s in-flight magazine, Nishiraj A. Baruah, has resigned from his position after a four year long stint. Baruah had been the editor from the first issue of the magazine after the contract to publish the magazine was bagged by Maxposure Media G + J. During his tenure, the magazine underwent massive transformation in its edit and design content.

“The brief was to make the magazine reflect the new changes of the new India and not remain as a government publication,” Baruah says. Also, during his time the magazine went in for a name change. Earlier called Swagat (for domestic routes) and Namaskaar (international routes), the magazine is now called Shubh Yatra, a name chosen from among hundreds of names suggested by Air India employees. The English-Hindi bilingual magazine also went on to win a few awards and that included one for the best corporate magazine in 2013 from Indian Magazine Congress. “There were challenges as we had to be very careful about the usage of photos, words and story topics so as not to offend the sensibilities of the readers,” he says.

As for his next move, Baruah has just joined as the Executive Editor of Harper’s Bazaar Bride, the magazine for luxury weddings from the India Today stable, launched earlier this year. “I have joined just at the right time as the season of wedding starts,” he says. Weddings are a big market and Baruah sees huge revenue potential in the magazine that caters to the HNIs. As for making a switch from a travel magazine to a fashion/wedding magazine, Baruah believes that it is an exciting opportunity as weddings involve not just  travel (honeymoon destinations, wedding destinations, etc.) but also all aspects of lifestyle from food to music to entertainment.


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