Gujarat Samachar and Lokmat top regional language readership

Gujarat Samachar and Lokmat top regional language readership

Author | Supriya Thanawala | Saturday, Mar 24,2007 8:22 AM

Gujarat Samachar and Lokmat top regional language readership

This time at the IRS 2007 R1, Gujarati and Marathi dailies have also seen a considerable drop in readership, even though both languages are among the most popular among readers. Gujarat Samachar leads the Gujarati publications with 53,04,000 readers but a five per cent drop in readership. Among the Marathi dailies, Lokmat is also on the top once again with 68,74,000 readers.

Sandesh comes second with a readership of 38,16,000 and has seen a six per cent drop from last year, while Divya Bhaskar has also observed a drop of six per cent in its readership, and stands third in the race with 33,12,000 readers.

Interestingly, a newspaper like Abhiyan, which could have been on the lowest rungs, saw its readership hit sky high with a whopping 228 per cent increase in visibility. Its readership increased by 1,53,000, soaring to 2,20,000 readers from an earlier 67,000.

The rest includes Saurashtra Samachar, which saw an increase in readership by eight per cent and has a readership of 3,30,000; while Mumbai Samachar, which has a readership of 2,63,000, had a drop in readership by 14 per cent.

Gujarat Mitra & Darpan has a readership of 2,32,000, and observed a drop of 13 per cent in readership; while papers like Jai Hind and Kutchmitra sank in readership by 28 per cent and 21 per cent respectively. Akila, however, saw a positive increase of 38,000 readers and a 45 per cent increase in readership as it has 1,21,000 readers.

Among the Marathi dailies, in spite of Lokmat’s highest readership, it has suffered a loss of 8,13,000 readers this year. Sakal follows with 40,98,000 readers and an almost 12 per cent drop in readership.

Punya Nagari has a readership of 23,71,000 readers and has seen a drop of 12 per cent in its readership; while Pudhari has 21,91,000 readers and a nine per cent drop in readership. Loksatta’s readership dropped by 14 per cent and has a readership figure of 14,00,000. Deshonatti has a readership of 13,56,000, which is quite similar to what it was last year.

Tarun Bharat in Belgaum, Maharashtra and Goa has seen a seven per cent drop in readership with 12,82,000 readers, while Maharashtra Times saw a drop of 10 per cent, with its readership figure as 11,59,000.

A newspaper like Navakal has also seen a drop of 11 per cent in its readership and has a total readership of 8,50,000; while Mumbai Chaufer dropped quite steeply at 24 per cent and staggers at a readership of 2,37,000, as compared to its earlier readership of almost 9,85,000.

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