Guest Column: The noteworthy transformation of aspirational non-metros

Guest Column: The noteworthy transformation of aspirational non-metros

Author | Kaacon Sethi | Wednesday, Jan 07,2015 8:35 AM

Guest Column: The noteworthy transformation of aspirational non-metros

2014 has been an exciting year both – for the industry at large, as well as our organization. Most noteworthy has been the significant continuation of the transformation that had already been set into motion a few years ago, and that has been steadily gaining more ground – the rising aspirational lives of people in non-metros. These aspirations have been the most critical key to self-motivated transformation that has been taking deep root in India, germinating from ambitions and aspirations of ordinary people with the desire to lead a better life. The media plays a significant role in our lives today with an omnipresent influence through a huge number of touch points ranging from the internet, television, mobile apps, newspapers, films, radio and outdoor advertising. Traditional media has been supplemented by today new media including social networking, online gaming and applications running on mobile devices -- a new dimension have been added to the world of media which was predominantly traditional earlier. Therefore in such a technologically driven world, information is power. The consumer is riddled by information, which he wishes to access on the go. The point here is that increasingly, we are seeing consumer behaviour, technology and information becoming totally interconnected.

In this hyper-dynamic environment, DBCL has harnessed its strengths in a way that has leveraged traditional as well as new digital media, to empower readers with the latest information, wherever they are. Several exciting events marked 2014 -- the extension of DBCL’s India footprint with the launch of Dainik Bhaskar’s Bihar-Patna edition in January. It was an excellent start to 2014 with the great response Bhaskar achieved in Bihar, where we maintained our launch success story. The progressing year also brought along strong growth of the Bhaskar brand in the regions of Maharashtra and Jharkhand that provided an expansive reach for national advertisers. We are scaling up our digital presence too – as we also continue to report greater numbers of DB Digital loyal audiences. Beyond business, the Bhaskar Group has been active socio-economic change agent. This year too, we continued to undertake several integral CSR activities on a pan-India basis that garnered a tremendous response from our readers and citizens to make a positive impact on society and the environment.


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