GrihShobha refreshes its looks; more magazines from Delhi Press to follow suit

GrihShobha refreshes its looks; more magazines from Delhi Press to follow suit

Author | Nitin Pandey | Wednesday, Apr 07,2010 8:47 AM

GrihShobha refreshes its looks; more magazines from Delhi Press to follow suit

GrihShobha, the women-centric magazine from Delhi Press, has adopted a new design and fresh look for its Hindi, Bangla and Tamil editions. This marks the beginning of the revamp process of the various magazines in Delhi Press’ bouquet. Apart from the design and look, some changes have also been made in the content of GrihShobha.

Speaking on the revamp process, Paresh Nath, Publisher, Delhi Press, said, “In this modern age we need to move forward with innovations. We have changed the layout of the magazine to give it a fresh look. We will continue this process for our other magazines as well, but it will take some time.”

When asked, how these changes in a women-centric magazine would have an impact on advertisers, Mausumi Kar, GM, Maxus - North, replied, “Design changes are undertaken by brands to excite consumers. The ‘pick-me-up’ value would in all likelihood go up at the sales point. If the revamp means more than cosmetic modifications, advertisers’ interests can increase. However, it is a long term game. Content drives readership and advertisers repose faith in the magazine’s ability to attract readers through their content. It is not always about numbers, but about source credibility for a given content.”

“GrihShobha has already got good readership, but it was lagging behind because of its look and feel. If the magazine comes up with a new energetic and youthful look, it will certainly make difference to the advertisers,” commented Rajiv Gopinath, COO, Madison Media Infinity.

Speaking on the new look of the magazine, Sudesh Hoon, a housewife from Delhi’s Janakpuri area and an avid GrihShobha reader, said, “It is good to see GrihShobha magazine in a new look. They should consider the feedbacks of the readers and accordingly change their content too, because though better looks can attract more readers, quality content is necessary for any magazine.”

Vandana Tiwari, another avid reader of the magazine and a Government employee from Saket, added, “The change in look and feel is welcome, but GrihShobha should not lose its content taste. Content is what matters in the long run, the bright look and feel can only attract initially.”

The Delhi Press Group of the Publications is a leading magazine house in the country with 31 magazines in nine languages. Some of the leading magazines being published by the group include GrihShobha, Woman’s Era, Saras Salil, Sarita, and Champak, among others.

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