Governance Now launches in Marathi

Governance Now launches in Marathi

Author | Priyanka Mehra | Monday, Oct 14,2013 7:54 AM

Governance Now launches in Marathi

Amidst talk of slowdown during the last few months, along with the closure of several magazines, print media is indeed grappling with tough economic conditions. In spite such a scenario, Governance Now is clearly on a growth path. The English fortnightly magazine, which was first launched on January 27, 2010 by SAB Group under Sri Adhikari Brothers, has now come out with its Marathi version.

In July this year, the magazine was launched in Hindi and Alok Mehta was roped in as Editor for Governance Now Hindi.

The first issue of Governance Now Marathi has just been launched two days ago with the issue date of October 16. It will follow the same format as the Hindi magazine.

“The Marathi audience is very well educated, and we felt there was a demand for such a product. An editorially strong product such as Governance Now has very good scope in this market. The first issue itself is extremely contemporary,” said Markhand Adhikari, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, SAB Group.

BV Rao, the Editor of Governance Now English will also spearhead the editorial for Governance Now Marathi.

Governance Now Marathi is being aggressively promoted, with an added focus on print and outdoor media. The promotional activities will include free sampling in key cities such as Mumbai and Pune. 

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