Fourth Dimension Media to launch Hindi magazine

Fourth Dimension Media to launch Hindi magazine

Author | Sumita Patra | Wednesday, Nov 09,2005 8:15 AM

Fourth Dimension Media to launch Hindi magazine

After the success of 4thD Woman and 4thD Meri Sangini, Fourth Dimension Media Pvt Ltd is now ready with yet another magazine. Titled ‘Vichar Saransh’, the group’s Hindi magazine will be launched on November 23.

Priced at Rs 5, the fortnightly magazine will be a socio-political news magazine carrying 48 pages, with major focus in states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand.

Explaining the rationale behind targeting the B&C segment cities, Neeta Aggarwal, CEO, Fourth Dimension Media, said, “As per trends, UP, Bihar and Jharkhand top the list where maximum sale of Hindi magazines takes place and we want to capture these states first. Therefore, we are focusing more on B&C segment cities.”

“We already have two women-centric magazines in the market. Now, we are focusing on the general masses and all segments of society,” she added.

Fifty per cent of Vichar Saransh’s content will contain national news, current affairs, political news, while the remaining half will cover sports, health and entertainment.

Regarding the relatively low price of the magazine, Aggarwal, said, “The pricing is a function of lot of market forces and the Rs 5 price point should give a good ROI to the reader as per our survey.”

Fourth Dimension Media Pvt Ltd, which is backed by the Ozone group of companies, had targeted an initial print run of 100,000 copies for Vichar Saransh, and was eyeing 500,000 copies by the end of the financial year, informed Aggrawal.

Vichar Saransh will be heavily promoted through ‘musical nights’ featuring Bhojpuri actor Manoj Kumar ‘Mridul’ in major towns of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar to give an instant awareness and success to the new magazine.

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