FIPP World Magazine Congress kicks off full force in India

FIPP World Magazine Congress kicks off full force in India

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Tuesday, Oct 11,2011 8:48 AM

FIPP World Magazine Congress kicks off full force in India

The 38th FIPP World Magazine Congress is especially important to India, as this is the first time that India is playing host to the event that brings the world together on discussions revolving around the global magazine industry. The grand opening ceremony took place in New Delhi on October 10, 2011 set the tone of the conversations expected on October 11 and October 12, when magazine publishers from across the world would look more closely at what is driving the magazine business in various aspects, and what the future course should be to grow the magazine industry.

The opening ceremony saw none other than actor Shah Rukh Khan give his perspective on what the magazine business in India means to readers. Taking the audience through the manner in which the role of magazines changed in his life, he spoke of the early days when a certain depth of content was available in magazines alone, when the display of images and visuals added to the appeal of magazine content. While he quoted the examples of “Samantha Fox in a white shirt” on a lighter note, he stressed that magazines were the window for many into what was happening in the world of celebrities and other specialised subjects.

Khan said, “Fairness is not a manner of the public world and I understand that. I understand that media is a tool for me, as much as I am commodity for them. But we as stars want to reach out to quality audiences, which we hope to get from magazines, and I request you to keep that window open.”

Shah Rukh Khan was addressing a house packed with Indian and international delegates all with the common interest on knowing the developments in the magazine business in different markets. The discussions are set for two days.

The discussions on October 11, 2011 will begin with an address from Information and Broadcasting Minister Ambika Soni. Over 50 speakers have been confirmed from various markets, who will speak on a range of subjects from e-Publishing: How tablets are re-inventing the future of magazine media, the Social Media Phenomenon: How magazine brands can benefit, Magazine Media Innovation in a 360°environment, Paid Content & Paywalls, Magazines: the medium of the future, What Advertisers want from Magazine Media, Successful business models for Multi Platform Publishing, Distribution and the Digital Newsstand and Engagement and the Magazine Media amongst other points of discussion.

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