Filmfare takes cover under the power of four

Filmfare takes cover under the power of four

Author | Sumita Patra | Saturday, Sep 02,2006 8:22 AM

Filmfare takes cover under the power of four

Given the fact that innovation is a major factor in success, Worldwide Media Pvt Ltd, the publishers of Filmfare, has come up with a unique cover innovation for its September issue.

This is the first attempt by the Group to present the same issue of the magazine with four different cover options. The latest issue of the film based monthly has four actors on its cover – Shah Rukh Khan, Preity Zinta, Rani Mukherjee and Abhishek Bachchan.

Explaining the reason behind undertaking this activity, Harjeet S Chhabra, Marketing Manager, Filmfare, said, “As a leader, it is our responsibility to innovate and offer new things to our readers. In this age of the multi-media, multi-tasking and multi-starrers, what better way than having a multi-starrer Filmfare issue? The September issue of Filmfare is a collector’s issue and gives readers an opportunity to get them all or choose the cover that they want. This is a world where empowerment rests with the consumers. This is our way of empowering our readers.”

“Besides getting increased shelf space and enhanced visibility across the channels, this activity will also help us get more eyeballs and ears, curious minds, enhanced noise levels and recall around the magazine itself as a product,” Chhabra further said.

The costs borne by the company for launching a multi-cover issue include photo shoot charges along with celebratory costs.

When asked whether the Group would replicate the same formula with other issues too, Chhabra said, “This is a one of activity. The idea is to keep innovating and keep surprising and delighting our readers. We have a new vision for the brand. There is going to be much more excitement in the months to come.”

Among the other things, Filmfare will be pursuing an aggressive multi-media transformation in the near future.

Elaborating further, Chhabra said, “Our long term and short term multimedia plans have been developed to reach the multiplex generation (the new movie going audience). Filmfare will allow readers to interact more with its content and use the power of multimedia to build communities around a universal and secular religion of this country – films. Besides, an interactive website, readers will soon be able to interact with Filmfare magazine by providing feedback to the editor, participate in contests, participate in future interviews by sending questions for the actors and much more by simply sending an SMS.”

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