Femina sets out to solve the problem of ‘What to Wear’

Femina sets out to solve the problem of ‘What to Wear’

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Wednesday, Nov 19,2008 7:02 AM

Femina sets out to solve the problem of ‘What to Wear’

Femina has launched a new title, ‘What to Wear’, targeted at the 25-plus Sec A metro style-conscious woman. Priced at Rs 30, ‘What to Wear’ is currently being given complimentary with Femina in metro markets including Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

According to a company official, the first few issues of ‘What to Wear’ would be circulated along Femina, before hitting the newsstand as a standalone product.

Tarun Rai, CEO, World Wide Media, said, “Femina has spotted an opportunity in producing a women’s magazine devoted to shopping, a shopping guide to carry around while shopping. ‘Femina What to Wear’ not only tells the woman shopper about what to wear, but also where to pick it up from. The magazine is an ideal vehicle for advertisers who want to target the young woman shopper.”

He added, “We have been noticing a change in the shopping habits of the woman shopper. Backed by disposable incomes, women are now no longer averse to indulging themselves. She wants to look better and feel better. A need was felt by the Femina team to come out with a magazine that would not only help the shopper choose what she wants to wear, but also where she could buy it from. ‘What to Wear’s pint size also benefits the shopper as it can easily be carried around.”

On marketing plans, Rai said, “We are planning to market this product as a shopping guide. Hence, we are focusing on malls and other modern retail formats. We are also looking at advertising in other media vehicles, which are likely to be read or seen by the woman shopper.”

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