Elections 2009: To forget 26/11, remember 30/4, says DNA

Elections 2009: To forget 26/11, remember 30/4, says DNA

Author | Tuhina Anand | Thursday, Apr 23,2009 8:24 AM

Elections 2009: To forget 26/11, remember 30/4, says DNA

With the first phase of the 2009 Lok Sabha elections saw a huge voter turnout, which has been largely attributed to the extensive ‘cast your vote’ campaigns from different quarters. Now, English language daily DNA has come out with powerful campaign exhorting people to exercise their right to franchise. Conceptualised by Contract Advertising, the campaign will be using multiple media vehicles, including hoardings, web, bus shelters, poster, and strip ads, among others.

Manish Bhatt, Senior Vice President and ECD, Contract Advertising, explaining the genesis of the idea, said, “Sometime back, I had put my status on Facebook saying ‘Manish Bhatt will vote’. I got very encouraging response to that, which led me to think that being in advertising I can use the medium to effectively inspire people to cast their votes. This led to discussion with our client DNA, who was equally excited with this idea.”

He added, “The communication is very simple, yet powerful, aimed at getting people to turn up and cast their votes. Last year, we had to undergo the tumultuous 26/11, which is etched deeply in our minds, and we decided to similarly use 30/4 as a day that people should remember and take charge so that such incidents are not repeated. One way of ensuring a better future is though voting. Also, there is a lot of cynicism among people when it comes to championing a cause and we thought that instead on joining that group, we must bring a positive approach to this and pitch voting day as a festival.”

The campaign will break in Mumbai, which goes to polls on April 30, 2009. The creative reads: ‘To forget 26/11, remember 30/4’. Another reads: ‘To celebrate all the festivals in the next five years spectacularly, celebrate 30/4’. A third ad reads: ‘If you sit at home on 30/4, you might stay there for next five years’. And there is yet another, which reads: ‘If you go out for a movie on 30/4, you may not see happy endings for the next five years’. Tagetting those who see voting day as an opportunity for a short getaway, there is a creative, which reads: ‘If you head for a quiet hill station on 30/4, peace might elude you for the next five years’.

Sheena Saji, Head Marketing, DNA, said, “The campaign is issued in the public interest, where we are urging people to vote and have marked 30/4 as a day of celebration.”

The team behind the campaign:

Creative: Manish Bhatt, Raghu Bhat, Sushil Chintak, Ankit Pandya, Ravi Deshpande

Account Management: Joy Sengupta, Gizelle Noronha, Akshika Jain

Client: Sheena Saji, Sumit Rohtagi

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