DNA goes for makeover, becomes more interactive

DNA goes for makeover, becomes more interactive

Author | Abid Hasan | Wednesday, Apr 03,2013 8:03 PM

DNA goes for makeover, becomes more interactive

English newspaper Daily News and Analysis (DNA) has gone for a makeover in order to engage more readers with an interactive approach. Though the logo remains the same and there is no change in the colour of the daily, packaging, presentation, the pages and the website have been changed and have been made more user friendly.

The group has redesigned the website and made it more responsive, which will dynamically fit into the screen of any device.

The group believes that the look of the paper hasn’t changed since its inception and the consumer is looking for a change. The new look is expected to help readers navigate faster.

Page number four of the paper is dedicated to the readers and for the readers. The entire content will be filled by the readers with their views, pictures and so on.

In order to be more interactive, the paper has started to provide the Twitter handle of their correspondents and stories. This will allow the readers to engage and respond.

The new DNA is based on six platforms, which have been named as Attitude, The Thought, Masala, Fun, Interactivity, Graphics and Visuals.

Graphics in the entire newspaper play a vital role to enhance the reading experience of readers. The revamped paper uses good pictures and short conversations to give a crisp and fresh look.

The group has also planned a lot of innovations in the coming days, both in newspaper and the website. A new marketing campaign is also in pipeline for the edition.

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