DNA continues marketing hype with front-page solus ad auction

DNA continues marketing hype with front-page solus ad auction

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, Jul 25,2005 8:33 AM

DNA continues marketing hype with front-page solus ad auction

The launch date of the forthcoming English daily Daily News & Analysis (DNA) is near (July 30 to be precise) and the paper is maintaining the buzz, ensuring presence in the trade community as well. DNA is auctioning its cover page solus ad, in association with The paper will forward the proceeds of this to charity – “Our way of entering Mumbai,” said Suresh Balakrishnan, Marketing Head, DNA.

The auction commenced a week back and will culminate on July 26. Speaking more on the genesis of the idea, Balakrishnan said, “We wanted to give the proceeds to charity and we decided to give as much as we get. Which in turn led us to auction it. We could have done the same with any site that is already involved in these kinds of transactions, but the perfect brand fit would be a partner who communicates to marketers and the media, and hence, exchange4media.”

Balakrishnan informed that this was the first time that a media house had tried something of this nature. As for the media fraternity, the idea does seem to be an interesting one. Ashutosh Srivastava, CEO, GroupM, expressed, “It is a good way to continue the hype around the brand, so close to the launch. At the same time, they would be able to gauge what people are valuing them at.”

“It is a very interesting approach,” added Shashi Sinha, President, Lodestar Media. “DNA has been doing quite a lot as far as marketing is concerned, and this keeps with the track they have so far.”

Agreeing and adding further, Charles Jenarius, Group CEO, Carat Media, said, “With the kind of marketing that DNA has done, there would definitely be a lot of interest in the first day’s paper. What is on offer in the auction, hence, is of interest to everyone. This should generate good response.”

Jenarius agreed with Balakrishnan that this was an act that could be more popular going forward. “Why not? This is just the beginning of how things would eventually happen,” he felt.

Srivastava and Sinha still have different say, where Srivastava pointed out, “At this stage in Indian media, for something like this to be practised, some of the basic ways will have to change. I still will give it some time. Presently, for a one-off, this is fine.”

DNA is already thinking a step ahead. Balakrishnan informed that more on these lines would be seen during Diwali and New Year as well. He said, “Internationally, this is a common practice. Here as well, we have taken measures to ensure the bidding process is taking place smoothly. The bid is open only to agencies and we are in touch with the agency heads. Also we have requested that the ROs are sent within the 24 hours of the bid or it is cancelled. This takes care of any false bids.”

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