DNA breaks new campaign pushing editorial aspects of the paper

DNA breaks new campaign pushing editorial aspects of the paper

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, Sep 26,2005 7:55 AM

DNA breaks new campaign pushing editorial aspects of the paper

Ever seen a campaign with the editors of the paper taking centrestage? That is exactly what the Daily News & Analysis (DNA) brings in its new campaign with the various editors of the paper finding their way to press and outdoor ads.

In addition to this campaign, the paper has released another set of creatives, which focus on different sections of the newspaper.

The new campaign, which throws light on the faces that make the paper, is a rather unusual strategy, otherwise seen largely for news channels.

“We are taking the high ground of the importance of editorial in any paper and how content and not marketing drives a paper,” explained Suresh Balakrishnan, Marketing Head, DNA.

“The insight comes from the fact that despite knowing what has happened a day before through news channels, people still pick a paper and, in most cases, they are looking at the point of view of an expert. With this campaign we are introducing them to the experts at DNA,” he added.

The base line of the campaign is ‘When you read experts, you speak like experts’. Each creative captures two to three editors – beginning with Gautam Adhikari, Editor, DNA to Ayaz Menon, Khalid Mohammad, Siddhartha Bhatia, Sathya Saran and the other various editorial heads of the paper.

The campaign will stay on air for two weeks as will the second set of creatives. The second set focuses on the various sections of the paper – the business section, lifestyle section, sports section and so on.

“We have had very positive review for our sections and we have improvised them more now,” said Balakrishnan, adding, “The objective of this campaign is to tell the readers that these are the areas that the paper focuses on and that if they aren’t reading it already, what all they are missing.”

The ads will be seen in DNA and on websites, in addition outdoor ads.

The campaign featuring the editors will create noise in the trade community, but the effect they would have on the readers is not something one can be sure of. What one cannot take away from DNA on this count, however, is the claim on trying something different by pushing their editors and giving a face to the paper.

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