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Department of Posts forms committee to examine demands of INS

Department of Posts forms committee to examine demands of INS

Author | Asit Ranjan Mishra | Monday, Aug 07,2006 8:26 AM

Department of Posts forms committee to examine demands of INS

The Department of Posts has constituted a committee comprising four of its officers and four representatives from the Indian Newspaper Society to examine the various issues raised by the latter regarding posting of registered newspapers under concessional postage rates.

The representatives from INS include Paresh Nath of Delhi Press, N K Verma of Diamond Pocket Books, Pradeep Gupta of Cyber Media, and Sunil Dang of ‘Day After’ magazine.

The committee will suggest ways to stop irregular postings of unauthorised publications and manner of printing of licence number at the correct place and in the prescribed format. The committee will also review and discuss the requests of the INS on issues like posting of CDs and other inserts and supplementary educational material in registered newspapers, deviation from routine advertising formats and exemption from consecutive pagination requirement in respect of advertisements, among others.

Welcoming the setting up of the committee, Sunil Dang, President, Indian Languages Newspapers Association (ILNA), said, “We have been raising these issues with the Postal Department for the last six years. We hope to reach some sort of agreement with the Department during the discussions.”

The committee, which will be headed by R K Kashyap, Director (PO&I), as its Secretary, has been asked to submit its report within 90 days. However, the recommendations of this committee will be purely advisory in nature and will not be binding on the Postal Department to accept those.

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