Deccan Herald undergoes complete overhaul, seeks to shed conservative image

Deccan Herald undergoes complete overhaul, seeks to shed conservative image

Author | Tuhina Anand | Tuesday, Mar 10,2009 8:04 AM

Deccan Herald undergoes complete overhaul, seeks to shed conservative image

Deccan Herald has undergone a complete overhaul and is donning a new look that is young, contemporary and refreshing. The move has been dubbed as part of the constant change that the paper upholds in keeping with the changing times and has been in offing for a while. However, there is no change in the price of the newspaper.

The last design change exercise was undertaken more than three years back, which was again to do with the principal of constant renovation that Deccan Herald believes in.

Talking about the changes, DB Dutta, VP - Marketing, Deccan Herald, said, “There is a perception that Deccan Herald is conservative in its outlook, which I believe is not true. We never compromise on our product. This time around we wanted to make changes and make the newspaper easier to read, hence worked on the layout and fonts. We have also tried to prioritise in terms of giving different fonts to headline, hence making the most important news easily eye catching.”

Every page being designed keeping the reader in mind, making it easier to read and navigate. The changes have been introduced across every section of the paper, including Metrolife and other supplements like Sunday Herald, Living, Spectrum, Education and Realty. The newspaper sports a new masthead and the bolder and more colourful additions are intended to hit eyeballs. Latest high-quality typefaces have been introduced, specially designed for use in newspapers, like the Clan typeface as its main display font. The design makes use of a text typeface called Expresso, which has been created in Portugal by Mario Feliciano, one of the world’s first new typeface designers.

Deccan Herald partnered with design consultant Palmer Watson, an international design consultancy, for this initiative. The consultancy has been responsible for creating the design of the world’s most renewed newspapers, including Le Monde in France, and Spain’s El Pais.

Dutta explained that the paper was targeting the intelligent reader and that they were working on a multi-pronged communication strategy to reach out to their readers and talk about the new design to the existing and potential readers. They are also looking at roping in a communication partner for this initiative.

Dutta further clarified that the initiative had nothing to do with the entry of a new player, namely DNA, in the Bangalore market. He insisted, “It is purely coincidental that the changes happened after a new entrant in the English print market in Bangalore. We would have made the changes anyway as it was planned much ahead.” thanks

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