Deccan Herald, Prajavani go for a ‘sleeker, smarter, trendier’ look

Deccan Herald, Prajavani go for a ‘sleeker, smarter, trendier’ look

Author | exchange4media Chennai Bureau | Friday, Nov 11,2005 8:49 AM

Deccan Herald, Prajavani go for a ‘sleeker, smarter, trendier’ look

Deccan Herald and Prajavani have been working on their looks to get ‘sleeker, smarter and trendier’. The broadsheets have started circulation in a new size from November 8, and the width has been reduced based on reader feedback from 38.5 to 35 cm.

D B Dutta, GM-Marketing, The Printers Mysore, said, “People wanted us to move to an international, trendy size, and we have been working on it. Last year, we did reduce from our original size, and this year we’ve taken it further. The response has been very good so far.”

Sharing that at one point Deccan Herald would have been among the ‘largest’ dailies in the country (in terms of size of the broadsheet), he stated that the overall feedback had been positive.

“While most people have appreciated the new look, a few readers from the older age group segment have said that they liked the old size better. Overall, it has been well received,” Dutta added.

While there have been minor changes to the layout to make the publication more visually appealing, the content hasn’t changed. The ‘new look’ had been on the cards for sometime, and enhancing the convenience and comfort factors with the smaller broadsheet was the idea, he contended.

Explaining that the savings on newsprint was just a positive fall out of the re-sizing, Dutta said, “It does result in roughly a 10 per cent reduction on the costs, but that is not the objective.”

The publication is working to a plan, and there are some more changes to follow. On the anvil is an e-paper, which ‘should be out soon’, according to the spokesperson.

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