Dainik Jagran set to launch its compact daily, Inext, in mid-December

Dainik Jagran set to launch its compact daily, Inext, in mid-December

Author | Sumita Patra | Wednesday, Dec 06,2006 8:25 AM

Dainik Jagran set to launch its compact daily, Inext, in mid-December

Dainik Jagran is gearing up to launch its compact daily, Inext, in mid-December. The daily had been targeted at the Generation Next in the 18-34 age group, SEC A and B1 audience, said Shailesh Gupta, Director, Jagran Prakashan.

Explaining the unusual name, Gupta said, “‘I’ as a word is extremely strong. ‘I’ is integrity, ‘I’ is international, ‘I’ is intelligent and ‘I’ is information. I feel this name is best suited for the generation next.”

The paper would initially be launched in Kanpur and Lucknow. Gupta further said that there were plans to have around 30 editions of the daily by 2007-08.

Giving the objective behind coming up with the new offering, he said, “We wanted to have a paper that the generation next could call their own.”

Commenting on the differences that one would get to see between the main newspaper and the compact daily, Alok Sanwal, Project Head, Inext, said, “The main newspaper goes to a large circulated market, it goes to a large segment of the society. Inext will be a subset of this large segment and will be circulated in the selected upper end of the society.”

“It’s not going to replace our broadsheet, which fulfills the different need gaps of the reader. Inext will go to the reader’s house as an add-on product,” maintained Sanwal.

The Groups refused to reveal the price of the daily, saying it would be announced a few days prior to the launch. Inext will be have around 24-32 pages of which around 5-6 pages would have local news. There will also be coverage on national, international, sports, lifestyle, career, and health related issues as well. “The content will be definitely relatable to the people residing in the mini metros,” Sanwal said.

According to Gupta, the initial print run would be around 50,000 copies each for both Kanpur and Lucknow editions. He further said that though Inext would be primarily in Hindi language, there would be a liberal sprinkling of English and ‘Hinglish’ words in keeping with the lingo of Generation Next.

As far as the marketing plans are concerned, there would be print campaigns in all the possible dailies. This apart, there would also be outdoor activities in terms of kiosks and hoardings. Unconventional outdoor activities in the form of human kiosks and inflatables would also be used. The teaser campaign will commence from December 8. The Group would also tie up with radio stations for synergistic promotion in each other's network, informed Sanwal.

The Group would focus on North India as a key market for launching Inext.

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