Dainik Jagran launches Indore edition from today

Dainik Jagran launches Indore edition from today

Author | Sumita Patra | Thursday, Apr 20,2006 7:34 AM

Dainik Jagran launches Indore edition from today

After securing the No. 1 position, according to IRS 2006, R1 data, Dainik Jagran is now launching its Indore edition from April 20.

Though there had been a buzz in the market regarding Jagran’s foray into Indore for quite some time now, the publication took its own time launching the edition. On being asked why, a company spokesperson said, “We took time to plan out a detailed strategy. It has always been our endeavour not to enter into any market in a hurry. We take time to understand the needs of the readers in the market and come out with a product that will be up to the stringent quality standards that we set for ourselves.”

The company reserved its comments on the pricing factor. The content of the new edition is going to be as per Jagran’s policy and tradition. The spokesperson said, “We will be delivering a product in line with what we have been doing so far, with local inputs.”

Madhya Pradesh has become a lucrative destination for Hindi dailies and now Indore is gaining momentum with some other players also contemplating to enter there. Asked on the market potential, the spokesperson, said, “Indore is a big business and a trading hub. There is a huge local potential in the market. Apart from that, it is an important market for a lot of categories, and many national marketers have it on their map as an important market.”

As far as countering the competition from other players is concerned, the spokesperson said, “We have competition in every market, and we have a healthy respect for our competitors. We have entered numerous markets in the last six years, and in every market we have faced competition. But for us, when we begin, we remind ourselves that we are beginning from scratch. Our approach has been to think local. The fundamentals remain the same – build a relationship with the readers and do the simple things well. For different competitive situations we have a different approach. Our approach in each market has been to create a lasting relationship with our readers, and this single minded pursuit has yielded dividends.”

The company has bookings of 1.25 lakh copies from the region as of now. As far as the promotional mix is concerned, the spokesperson said, “We have conducted an extensive personal contact campaign with readers in Indore to find out what they would want in their newspaper. We have contacted over five lakh households in the market and created a customised product which reflects the needs of the market.”

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