Dainik Jagran group launches East Delhi edition of City Plus

Dainik Jagran group launches East Delhi edition of City Plus

Author | Abhijeet Mukherjee | Monday, May 21,2007 9:11 AM

Dainik Jagran group launches East Delhi edition of City Plus

The Dainik Jagran Group launched the East Delhi edition of City Plus on May 19. The free-circulation paper from the house of Jagran Group of Publications is already available in Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Ghaziabad, and if the media house is to be believed, these editions are doing well.

According to Vikas Chandra, Head, City Plus Projects, the edition is targetted at the 18 to 40 age segment, and comprises more of leisure-reading materials than hardcore news. “It is targetted towards the upwardly mobile young and provides information about food, restaurants, health, fashion, gizmos and others. From the advertisers’ point of view too, the edition would be beneficial as we have plans to publish at least 50,000 copies initially,” said Chandra.

The English tabloid also has contests and provides coupons and information related to sale of goods at discounted rates. The newspaper group claims to provide information on shopping, bargains, deals, health, fitness, beauty, fashion, interiors, education, travel and parenting related information, among others. “It is for the creamy layer of the strata who have a taste for good reading, meaningful and worthy information. The magazine has been designed to provide the reader a whole new dimension to explore.”

“We have tried to provide all information readers normally hunt for in the weekends. This edition would now provide the required information in comfort because readers are in a relaxed mood during weekends. The information is also provided in a crispy and lighter way,” explained Chandra.

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