Dainik Bhaskar to launch Nagpur edition

Dainik Bhaskar to launch Nagpur edition

Author | Ritu Midha | Friday, Dec 06,2002 7:51 AM

Dainik Bhaskar to launch Nagpur edition

Dainik Bhaskar, India's leading Hindi daily is all set to launch its 20th edition in Nagpur, Maharashta on December 9th.

Dainik Bhaskar has, apparently, conducted a door to door survey of 2 lac households in Nagpur in last six months, which has helped it 'to create and design a paper by the, for the and of the people of Nagpur'.

The paper claims that Nagpur edition will be launched with the confirmed paid up circulation of 92387 copies, which were booked through the order bond confirmed by the readers. "48562 copies", according to Kailash Agarwal, Director, Dainik Bhaskar, Nagpur, "are in Nagpur city and 43825 copies are in Vidarbha region". Ram Kumar, the paper's Mumbai representative adds, "Our internal surveys, researches, and our market intelligence have given us very positive and encouraging feedback about this edition's success. The promotions and spadework being done systematically for the last 2 years at various levels have helped us secure confirmations from readers and this has been ascertained with orders from Agents and Hawkers."

As to why Bhaskar chose Nagpur to establish its foothold in Maharashtra, explains Ram Kumar, Mumbai representative of Dainik Bhaskar, "Nagpur is the second capital of Maharashtra with the population of over 2.1 million, ranking 11th in the population graph. It has an emerging industrial periphery. It is also emerging as a test-marketing centre for major brands and has a constant growth in retail advertising, keeping pace with growing markets. Nagpur has 70% literacy rate with 49% people in the upper and middle class segment. Besides, an investment worth 27879 crores is in process in Vidarbha area. Nagpur boasts of presence of several prestigious brands and their showrooms."

At present, the leading Hindi dailies in the area are Navbharat and Lokmat Samachar. And says Agarwal, "According to ABC figures, circulation for Navbharat's Nagpur edition is 50,000 copies, while that for Lokmat Samachar is 13,000 copies".

He adds, "In the month of August, both the Hindi dailies in the city brought down their cover price to One rupee. Though Navbharat has hiked it to Rs 1.50 now, the cover price of Lokmat Samachar is still Rs 1". Dainik Bhaskar plans to price it at par with its biggest rival in the area. Says Agarwal, "We are launching the paper at the cover price of Rs 1.50. What's more, we have filled a guarantee bond that we would not increase the price for at least six months. Other papers are making no such commitment to the readers".

The paper claims to be providing the Nagpur residents what they want. "Most of the papers in Nagpur have a skew towards certain political parties. People of Nagpur expressed great need for a neutral paper, and Dainik Bhaskar has no political tilting what so ever," explains Agarwal.

And as to what the edition will be all about, explains Kumar, "The edition will have 16-20 pages with 8 pages in color daily. Nagpur Bhaskar will be a daily special for the readers of Orange city. Various reader-focused weekly supplements like Navrang, Madhurima, Balbhaskar, IT Bhaskar etc. will be added to the everyday issue." He adds, "We have a strong editorial team to provide local coverage and 2600 strong editorial resource from the Bhaskar pool to provide national exclusives".

Dainik Bhaskar also plans to launch Hyderabad edition in the beginning of next year.

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