Daily Thanthi to source content from Economic Times

Daily Thanthi to source content from Economic Times

Author | Abitha G. | Friday, Jan 23,2004 6:43 AM

Daily Thanthi to source content from Economic Times

In a strategic tie-up, Daily Thanthi has devoted an entire page to selective business stories sourced from Economic Times, Bangalore. This tie-up between a widely read mass vernacular paper and a national newspaper, which is part of a specific domain, has served as a strategic tool in enriching and adding variety to reading.

The Daily Thanthi office in Chennai will handle the selection of the business stories, their translation and pagination. Speaking on the advantages Daily Thanthi gains through this tie-up, R. Chandran, GM, Administration, Daily Thanthi says, “This is one of our brand building exercises. Thanthi reaches even to the remote corners of small villages. These readers had no opportunity to get news items from a business perspective. This has now changed and with a different layout and presentation, it has received tremendous welcome among our readers.

“For Thanthi readers, or any Tamil reader it is a new experience. They can expect many more financial news items and features in coming days. Our aim is provide our readers with varied content, which they will not get from other regional papers.”

Ninan Thariyan, General Manager, Times Response, TOI, Chennai says, “This tie-up will cater to the reading needs of a niche segment within the Daily Thanthi readers and they can access quality information on various business issues. We also hope this tie-up will bring in a new fold of readers as well.”

What about ad space? Replies Chandran, “Right now we are looking at only providing extensive content and there will be no space selling on this particular page currently. In future we will make allowance for ads on this space as well.”

If Daily Thanthi starts to allot adspace on the page as well, it could help media planners put up ads that exclusively targets a niche segment. It remains to be seen if Daily Thanthi would increase the number of pages of business content and also market it aggressively, since it could open doors to advertising that has focus and not form part of the regular clutter.

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