Dabur changes its strategy, woo youth

Dabur changes its strategy, woo youth

Author | NULL | Wednesday, Jun 13,2001 8:02 AM

Dabur changes its strategy, woo youth

Dabur India Ltd. in a strategic move, is targeting the young and modern consumers by tinkering with some of its products, giving them a more youthful packaging and rolling out a whole new communication strategy. The effort is a part of a larger initiative to transform the Rs 1,166.5 crore ayurveda-based company into one dedicated to "health and well-being."

It all began when an in-house survey revealed that Dabur's consumers were mostly people in the middle- and higher-age bracket and not the youth. Hence it was decided to expand into natural and herbal products.

The company is targeting consumers in the 15-40 years age bracket. Even now, most of its consumers are in this bracket, though they are closer to the upper limit of 40 years. Keeping that in view, Dabur Amla hair oil has come out in a new avatar, Amla Lite, which is a clearer oil and is also lighter in smell.

Chyawanprash has been re-positioned as an immunomodulator -- an agent that helps in the modulation of the body's immune system. The new advertising campaign of chyawanprash talks of the scientific knowledge that the company has gathered through clinical trials of the product in the last 7-8 years.

Similarly, Lohasav, an iron tonic, has now been put out in the form of capsules. Ashvagandha, a stress reliever, has been re-positioned in a capsule form as Stresscom.

In the past also, the company has tried to give its products a new profile by both changing the packaging as well as introducing more youthful variants. Pudin Hara, the stomach pain reliever and traditionally available in glass bottles, was re-introduced first as pearls and later in sachets.

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