CyberMedia to launch ‘Voice&Data Connect’ in December

CyberMedia to launch ‘Voice&Data Connect’ in December

Author | Sumita Patra | Thursday, Oct 26,2006 7:47 AM

CyberMedia to launch ‘Voice&Data Connect’ in December

CyberMedia is gearing up to add another title to its roster with the launch of ‘Voice&Data Connect’ on December 1. A fortnightly, ‘Voice&Data Connect’ will have a tabloid format and carry a price tag of Rs 15. The 36-pager is expected to reach out to the telecom channels target group – the distributors, dealers, retailers, resellers, service providers, mobile manufacturers and broadband providers.

Pradeep Gupta, Chairman and Managing Director, CyberMedia, said, “With rapid consumerism sweeping the country, India has emerged as one of the fastest growing telecom markets. It is the second largest mobile handset market with 100 million mobile subscribers, 48 million fixed line subscribers and nine lakh broadband subscribers. However, there is no single relevant media to meet the information needs of the telecom channels. With a leadership in the IT and telecom media space, CyberMedia has a clear expertise in launching such a publication.”

‘Voice&Data Connect’ would have in-depth coverage of all communications in India, including broadband, fixed-line, mobile strategic news, and regulatory news. Elaborating on the content, Pramiti Bhargava, Product Manager, CyberMedia, said, “It would be a mix of national and regional content with up-to-date breaking news stories to keep abreast of possible business opportunities in the region. There would be a focus on regulatory changes in each individual region, product launches, reviews, trends, etc.”

It may be noted that CyberMedia already has a monthly magazine called ‘Voice&Data’. The Group insists that the two products are different, not just in their periodicity but their target audience as well. According to the Group, while ‘Voice&Data’ targets the telecom industry and enterprise user space, ‘Voice&Data Connect’ will target the telecom channels. “We have kept them both under the ‘Voice&Data’ mega brand as they are media solutions in the telecom space,” Bhargava maintained.

The Group further said that ‘Voice&Data Connect’ would start with an initial print run of 20,000 copies and would have Asim Raina at its helm as Editor, while Zia Askari would be the Assistant Editor.

As far as promoting the magazine is concerned, there would be a launch event followed by small regional seminars and events. The new title would also be promoted through advertisements in the Group’s own media, apart from the below the line activities, CyberMedia sources said.

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