Creating wealth: Times Group expands niche portfolio with ET Wealth

Creating wealth: Times Group expands niche portfolio with ET Wealth

Author | Nitin Pandey | Thursday, Dec 23,2010 7:40 AM

Creating wealth: Times Group expands niche portfolio with ET Wealth

Times Group has expanded its print portfolio with the launch of another niche newspaper last week, this time on personal finance – Economic Times Wealth (ET Wealth). This launch follows other niche papers – Times Crest and Speaking Tree.

Like the Times Crest, ET Wealth also comes out on Mondays and is currently available in eight cities – Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune. After the introductory editions, which were distributed free of cost for two weeks, the 48-page newspaper is now priced at Rs 5.

Speaking on the content strategy of the newspaper, Rohit Saran, Editor, The Economic Times Wealth, said, “To get wealthy, you not only need to invest in the best options available, but also earn the most that you can and spend as smartly as you should. This is why ET Wealth will feature a selection of the most relevant stories on the three aspects of money: investing, earning and spending, in every issue.”

He further said that ET Wealth would strive to engage with every member of the family. Its coverage will range from investing – stocks, funds, insurance, banking, borrowing, pension and taxation – to stories on career and salaries, and those that help one spend smartly, for example, which is the best mobile plan to have.

On the idea behind the launch of this niche newspaper, Neeti Chopra, Brand Director, The Economic Times, explained, “The coming 20 years are expected to create more wealth than ever in India. Economists predict that this will be a period of wealth creation of unprecedented diversity and depth. And this is the need we seized upon. The Economic Times Wealth will in each issue provide a set of broad strategies for wealth maximisation in each wealth class.”

The Times Crest is behind the pay-wall in the digital space, would ET Wealth, too, go pay? While Chopra refused to speculate on anything in this matter, she said, “The Economic Times Wealth is currently available at no fee at www.wealth.economictimes.com.”

She further said that the introductory edition of The Economic Times Wealth had received an overwhelming response from readers, who had written in with positive and critical feedback.

The Economic Times Wealth launch has been backed by a communication plan that includes print, television, website, email, editorial and visibility in select retail outlets.


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