Coke plans to launch Maaza

Coke plans to launch Maaza

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Coke plans to launch Maaza

While the ball was set rolling last year when Coke relaunched its bottled mango drink Maaza in a 200-ml carton, the company is getting aggressive on the brand this year by adding three new flavours-orange, mausambi and pineapple flavours-this summer.

The move is apparently part of its new thrust wherein the company has decided to explore the potential of other acquired brands and, align itself with the company's new worldwide focus on the non-alcoholic commercial beverages market. The company is likely to source orange concentrate from Nagpur-based fruit drinks company Noga and will continue to contract the packaging of Maaza in cartons to Godrej's Indore-based facility. Manufacturing at other facilities is also not ruled out.

Maaza which was till last year a bottled drink in 200-ml and priced at Rs 10, is so far associated with a mango-based soft drink. By repackaging it into cartons last year and positioning along other brands such as Parle Foods' Frooti, Godrej's Jumpin and Mother Dairy's Safal, Coca Cola India joined the fruit drinks bandwagon which though technically has less than 15 per cent juice content but are perceived as a `healthier' alternative to soft drinks.

Post relaunch, Maaza is reported to have secured a growth of about 28 per cent and is believed to have gained it a leadership position in the south.

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