Coca-Cola to launch Kinley 500 ml pack for Rs 4

Coca-Cola to launch Kinley 500 ml pack for Rs 4

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Coca-Cola to launch Kinley 500 ml pack for Rs 4

A price war is set to hit the Rs 400-crore packaged water market with Coca Cola India (CCI) planning to launch its packaged water brand Kinley in a 500-ml PET bottle, priced at Rs 4. A change in the positioning of Coke's water brand is also on the cards. The next campaign with a ``new endorsement strategy'' is likely to break in March 2001.

According to industry sources, the 500 ml Kinley pack was launched in Ahmedabad in Gujarat last week, and is due to be launched in Delhi, this week. A national roll-out of the 500-ml bottle is likely to follow in the coming months.

Kinley's initiative comes close on the heels of the launch of Chotu Bailey, a 350-ml bottle launched by Parle Bailey at Rs 3.50, two months ago. By pricing Kinley-500 ml bottle at Rs 4, Coke seems to have gone a step ahead and undercut the market leader Parle Bisleri whose 500-ml bottle is priced at Rs 5.

Coke, however, says that the Rs 4 price is an introductory offer and that the company would be revising its prices shortly. Pepsi's Aquafina is currently available in just one pack-750 ml and is priced at Rs 10. Pepsi's Aquafina is priced at a slight premium in comparison to the leading mineral water brand Bisleri that is priced at Rs 10 for a 1 litre bottle.

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