Coca-Cola plans to launch energy drinks

Coca-Cola plans to launch energy drinks

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Coca-Cola plans to launch energy drinks

Coca-Cola is exploring new terrain. It is looking at entering the energy drinks category by launching its international brand 'Lift' in the market. The company has already begun test marketing the drink.

According to FMCG analysts, energy drinks as a concept is quite new to the Indian consumer. And it will take a lot of time to develop the market. The major obstacle is said to be the pricing.

With vitalising nutrients in the drink, it carries a premium over other soft drinks and beverages. Coca-Cola is not the first entrant in this segment. The No.1 global energy drink brand Red Bull entered the market some months back.

Red Bull which is targeted at party goers is available at five-star hotels and premium night clubs and is priced at Rs 250 per 250 ml can.

According to industry sources, Coca Cola India with its aggressive marketing strategy and brand building activity could actually help the market to grow.

Other well known global energy drink brands include V, Adrenaline Rush and 180. While 180 belongs to Anheuser Busch, 180 is a light carbonated, orange citrus-flavoured energy drink which claims to have a host of energy boosting vitamins.

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