Coaching centres ad new chapter this June

Coaching centres ad new chapter this June

Author | Source: The Economic Times | Tuesday, Aug 16,2005 7:32 AM

Coaching centres ad new chapter this June

The reopening of colleges and other career institutions after the summer break possibly explains the dominance of coaching classes as high-spending advertisers in the print medium in June. Hyundai Santro and a couple of other auto brands were also part of the high-spending list.

There was a time when coaching classes were viewed with embarrassment, as 'marginal' institutions for weak students. No more. Over the years, they have firmly established themselves as part of the education system. And through high-visibility advertising, they have anointed themselves as the necessary route for high-performance results.

However, it is in the last one year or so that coaching classes are in fact competing to grab a slot among the Top 10 advertisers in the print media. In June, there were as many as three such brands.

Chate Classes was at No 3 with a spend of Rs 2.7 crore, followed by the Vellore Institute of Technology that spent Rs 2.6 crore. Brilliant Tutorials ranked third with a budget of Rs 2.2 crore. The month of June saw management institute IIPM being displaced for the No 1 slot by Hewlett Packard (HP) that spent Rs 3.9 crore. With admissions being closed, IIPM went off the Top Spenders list.

Auto brands were another dominant feature in the June list. The heavily advertised Hyundai brand 'Santro' was expectedly at the top at No 2 with a spend of Rs 3.8 crore, as compared to May when Santro was at No 5 with a spend of Rs 2.6 crore. Maruti's various car brands were at No 6, with a total spend of Rs 2.33 crore. Toyota Corolla, a new brand on the Indian roads, grabbed the No 9 spot with an ad spend of Rs 2.26 crore.

'Spend-O-Meter' is the monthly media monitor, tracking advertising spends of the big brands in television and print. It is brought to you exclusively by TAM Media and ET. AdEx India, a TAM Media subsidiary, follows the advertising spends using card rates. However, these have been reworked to actual market estimates.

Other high-spending brands included Jet Airways' Superliner - the international service of the airline - that figured at No 6 jointly with Maruti, with a spend of Rs 2.33 crore. Also in the Top 10 list was Suzlon Energy at No 8 with a spend of Rs 2.32 crore. The month of June saw a total of 35,650 brands advertising in the print medium in newspapers as against 34,170 brands in May.

(The previous 'Spend-O-Meter' column published in the ET dated August 9, '05, the 'Lux Cozi' brand has been incorrectly classified as an HLL. brand. The error is regretted.)

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