Chronosphere to launch ‘NGO Focus’ magazine on April 17

Chronosphere to launch ‘NGO Focus’ magazine on April 17

Author | Shikha Saroj | Tuesday, Apr 04,2006 8:17 AM

Chronosphere to launch ‘NGO Focus’ magazine on April 17

Chronosphere, a Mumbai-based publishing consultancy and services company, is launching ‘NGO Focus’ in April. A bi-monthly English magazine, ‘NGO Focus’ will serve as a platform of interaction between NGOs, government administrators and corporate houses that are actively involved in social responsibility programmes.

The magazine will be officially launched on April 17 during the National Summit of Confederation of NGOs of Rural India in New Delhi from April 17-19 2006.

Bhupesh Trivedi, CEO, Chronosphere, said, “A lot of soul searching needs to be done. The core idea behind this magazine is to bring people together. Charity is important but it makes rural people financially dependent and keeps them from working productively. This magazine will address several issues related to social service and discuss the ways in which rural people can be financially independent and lead a productive life.”

The magazine will also focus on in-depth case studies of various corporate sponsored and NGO sponsored projects. ‘NGO Focus’ will be distributed directly to NGOs, corporate houses and government bodies. The magazine’s target readers (besides social service units) are people who are “benevolent at heart.”

Trivedi said, “It is important that rural people realise the importance of entrepreneurship. ‘NGO Focus’ will also bring method to the madness that exists in India’s social service scenario. There is duplication of efforts so people in a certain geographical area get all the help that they can get from NGOs and there are some areas where there are not enough NGOs. Our magazine will ensure uniform and well-organized distribution of resources and aid so that everyone who needs help benefits adequately.”

Established almost three years back, Chronosphere is also a representative of various international publishers who are looking at India as an attractive and profitable market. Chronosphere not only conducts market research for these international publishers but also in the business of custom publishing for Indian clients who are in the business of TV entertainment and hospitality.

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