Business Standard spruces up content and design

Business Standard spruces up content and design

Author | Ritu Midha | Tuesday, Oct 29,2002 5:58 AM

Business Standard spruces up content and design

Business Standard went slim yesterday - its width, in keeping with changing international and national trend has been reduced from 38 centimeters to 35 centimeters. The paper continues to have eight columns, and the number of pages has been increased to compensate for the slight reduction in the size. The change is, however, not only in the size of the paper. The editorial of the newspaper has been spruced up and better segmented, and laid out in a more youthful style.

When asked why it took so long in changing the size of the paper, said Akila Urankar, President, Business Standard, "We wanted to shift the size sometime back. However, we were also working on sprucing up the content of the paper and improving the design. We wanted to coincide the both, and hence waited till we were ready".

The paper is divided in two sections like it was earlier. However, the editorial in the second section, which is the specialized section of the paper, has become far more integrated. Though the information is divided in various focused segments - the effect of the moves and changes in one section on the other has been given special attention. Says Urankar, "We have integrated the information to the extent it is possible in print format. And hence, hopefully, people will not have to look at various sources to find out different aspects of a piece of information, for instance, the effect a move in commodity prices will have on stock prices."

Urankar is optimistic that the better and focused segmentation would make more advertisers from consumer durables and automobiles segments to look at the newspaper. Main stay of the newspaper, like most business papers, till now, is ads from the finance category.

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