Britannia to use heroes of Lagaan to push Tiger brand

Britannia to use heroes of Lagaan to push Tiger brand

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Britannia to use heroes of Lagaan to push Tiger brand

After an innings with real life cricket hero (Saurav Ganguly), Britannia’s Tiger brand biscuit is seeking inspiration from reel-life cricket heroes (Bhuvan IX) of Lagaan to push Tiger to the number one slot past Parle G. A Rs-Six crore promotional campaign to push the Tiger brand of biscuits was kicked off by Britannia Industries Limited along with Aamir Khan Productions, makers of the box-office hit, Lagaan.

The bait for those who pick up Britannia Tiger 75g/100g packs from now on till December will be a chance to play Aamir Khan’s Lagaan XI in a real cricket match in Mumbai in the last week of December 2001.

Mr. Hari Lalchandani, product manager, Britannia Industries said the tie-up with Aamir Khan did not involve any monetary exchange. Aamir Khan on his part was looking at Britannia to promote his film in class one towns and the rural areas where the Tiger brand of biscuits had penetrated.

For Britannia, it would be continuing to ride the cricket bandwagon after the successful “Britannia Khao World Cup Jao” and “Britannia Khao Cricketer Banjao” campaigns.

Tiger is the biggest selling biscuit brand of Britannia and accounts for around 30 to 40 per cent of total Britannia’s biscuit sales. The company is looking at a 10 to 15 per cent growth in volumes in the three months. The Britannia team of 15 will be selected through the Britannia Lagaan Match scheme.

A one-time purchase of three Tiger packs gets the consumer a booklet containing Lagaan trivia and unreleased photographs and scenes from the movie. There are six such booklets and every booklet has an individual special number that will be announced periodically. There will be no gender or age bias for this scheme. The company will be carrying out teaser ad campaigns and television commercials using footage of Lagaan and Aamir Khan may be roped in too.

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