BPL-Loewe to launch high-end premium digital TV range

BPL-Loewe to launch high-end premium digital TV range

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BPL-Loewe to launch high-end premium digital TV range

BPL Limited and Loewe AG of Germany has announced the launch of the high-end super premium digital television range in India under the BPL-Loewe brand name. Loewe AG is rated among the top five consumer electronic firms in Europe and India is the fourth Asian market the company is making an entry into through a strategic-tie up.

While initially this is more of a marketing alliance between BPL and Loewe, the latter is looking at leveraging the capabilities of BPL in both the manufacturing and integrated 'intelligent' software/platform development front.

The newly launched brand of televisions will be available in a range of six models with screen sizes ranging from 29''to 33'' and comprises TVs with pure flat tubes, super flat tubes and conventional tubes in a choice of 4:3 or widescreen 16:9 format.

Each television is also integrated with 8-bit digital 100 Hz technology, digital noise control and satellite upgrade options among other things. The range is priced between Rs 80,000 and Rs 1.5 lakh with one model (Spheros) being pegged at Rs 14.5 lakh. The products are also modular in design and, therefore, can be upgraded using the expandable cards that will be made available in the market.

According to industry sources, the high-end market (25 inch screen upwards) is currently about 11 per cent of the total market. Of this only about 15 per cent is the super-premium segment.

BPL is targeting sales of 800-1,000 such sets in a calendar year and is targeting Rs 12-15 crore of revenue in the first year which is expected to scale up to Rs 50 crore over the next three to four years.

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