Bilimorias set to whet bacchus lovers’ thirst with ‘Liquid’

Bilimorias set to whet bacchus lovers’ thirst with ‘Liquid’

Author | Pritie S Jadhav | Friday, Apr 28,2006 7:18 AM

Bilimorias set to whet bacchus lovers’ thirst with ‘Liquid’

The House of Bilimorias is venturing into the publishing field with its new magazine, ‘Liquid’, which is set to hit the stands on May 3. A bimonthly, Liquid will cover the bar culture within India’s drinks industry and carries an in-depth understanding of global premium drinks and bar industry.

The magazine is being launched to cater to the growing need of the premium bar, drinks and restaurant industries for information and news. Elucidating the need to launch Liquid magazine, its Managing Director and Publisher, Nadir Bilimoria, said, “These sectors are developing at such a rapid rate and there was a gap in the market for a quality publication for those who are catering to the upmarket clientele. Besides the content, one of the things that distinguishes the magazine is the size and style. It is an A5 size magazine and the design is contemporary and trendy, which synchronises with the direction the bar / restaurant industries are heading and reflects the aspirations and design-conscious demands of the people who work in the industry.”

The magazine will be distributed to key decision-makers across the bar, clubs, drinks and restaurant industries in India, with eventual distribution in Dubai, the UK and regions in America and Europe. Approximately 15,000 copies will be distributed to owners, managers, food / drink journalists and other key decision makers in India’s hospitality industry. It is complimentary to the trade and available to consumers through subscription.

“Liquid is a trade magazine, so the content is geared to help and inform people in the trade. The contents are topical and relevant and along with special features like industry interviews, training, bartending, cocktail mixing, we will have regular sections discussing new and existing venues, wine, sound, lighting, music and much more. The focus is on India’s industry, but we are also getting a global perspective – featuring international bars, restaurants, etc – giving the magazine a very international feel. Several of the magazine’s contributors are also European, so that helps in getting a more rounded view of what is happening in the industry as a whole,” said Bilimoria.

Elaborating on the advertising and promotional strategy, he said, “Liquid has a restricted circulation. It is meant for key decision-makers, including owners, managers, food and beverage managers and bartenders across bars in India, clubs, restaurants and select four and five star hotels. These establishments serve alcohol and the aim is to keep them informed of the laws and other aspects of the alcohol drinks industry and to train staff serving alcohol by working with brands to promote responsible drinking within their establishments. Alcoholic brands in India have never had a vehicle that allows them to promote themselves properly to the trade, and Liquid bridges this gap in the top-end of the market.”

“With so many foreign and local alcoholic brands being launched in the market, it is important for professionals within the industry to be informed. Specific brand extensions like the Liquid Bar Awards 2006 are being launched to help promote the magazine and establish it as a must read for the drinks sector,” Bilimoria added.

Liquid, in association with Cobra Beer, is instituting an annual awards – Liquid Bar Awards – which acknowledge and celebrate the increasing success and growth of the bar and drinks industry in India. The awards have been instituted to recognise some of the major players who have been instrumental in strengthening India’s bar and drinks industry.

Commenting on this tie-up, Perses Bilimoria, Regional Director, Cobra Beer, said, “We at Cobra Beer in India are delighted to be associated with the launch of Liquid magazine in India and the first presentation of the Liquid Bar Awards. We see this as an exciting synergy for the entire bar and drinks industry, the opportunities of which are yet to be unleashed.”

He further said, “The potential for both Liquid Bar Awards and Liquid magazine going forward is great, considering the exponential growth of the drinks industry in the coming years. It will be gratifying to have both the magazine and the Awards seize this glowing opportunity in creating a niche, interactive and stylish forum for the drinks and bar industry.”

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