Bhaskar plans to launch Aha! Zindagi in Gujarati in January 2006

Bhaskar plans to launch Aha! Zindagi in Gujarati in January 2006

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Wednesday, Nov 23,2005 8:24 AM

Bhaskar plans to launch Aha! Zindagi in Gujarati in January 2006

Aha Zindagi (Hindi) has proved to be a successful stint for the Bhaskar Group so far, and now the publication house is ready to launch the Gujarati version of the magazine as well. The launch is planned for January 2006 and Bhaskar officials expect the inaugural issue to hit with a circulation of 70,000.

The magazine’s editor is Yashwant Vyas. For Executive Director of Divya Bhaskar, Bharat Kapadia, who will also spearhead Aha Zindagi Gujarati, the Chitralekha experience sure proves to be handy now. Speaking more on the product he said, “We believe that today there is no option like Aha Zindagi available to the Gujarati community and with changing life style, they desire such a product.”

Further on the group’s thought process behind the project, he said, “The rational for any business is viability and the need – interest – expectation and acceptance by its target audience.”

He further cited that even though magazines on the whole were said to have declined, the experience with Aha Zindagi had been a positive one, with the magazine making 1.35 lakh copies circulation (ABC Jan to Jun 05) and a 5.95 lakh readers (NRS 05) in its first year of operation.

“Surely, there is a huge demand for such a publication, which is reason enough to look for brand extension. We strongly believe that the Gujarati community in India has one of the most positive entrepreneurial approaches to life. They would appreciate this kind of content,” Kapadia added

Expressing that there would be a few areas of common content between the two magazines, Kapadia said that most of the content would be specially developed for the Gujarati edition. Said he, “Content for a magazine is always decided on two counts – the basic philosophy or the brand's reason to exist and the choice and interest of its reader. It’s a balance that makes a publication succeed. In case of Aha Zindagi Gujarati, the direction will still be positive life and a magazine for the whole family but most of the content will be specially developed, as it needs the Gujarati viewpoint.”

As to how this new initiative would help the group on the whole, Kapadia replied, “It’s another product from the Bhaskar Group targeting the same community, cutting across the whole community. There will be readers, who are currently not in the Bhaskar fold that will experience the Group’s product.”

Aha Zindagi Gujarati will be available in Gujarat and places with high Gujarati populations like Mumbai, Maharashtra and Indore amongst others.

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