BCCL intensifies marketing efforts around Mumbai Mirror

BCCL intensifies marketing efforts around Mumbai Mirror

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, Jul 25,2005 8:34 AM

BCCL intensifies marketing efforts around Mumbai Mirror

One of the strongest efforts from Bennett, Coleman & Company Ltd to popularise Mumbai Mirror was seen when the paper was given free with every copy of The Times of India. The efforts haven’t ceased there. BCCL has induced more interactivity in the paper in addition to the ‘Flash Your Mirror’ promotion campaign.

Speaking of the changes that has been made on the Mumbai Mirror website, Bhaskar Das, Brand Director, BCCL, said, “We have redesigned the website based on the feedback that we received. The keyword right now is interactivity. The inarticulate intention of today’s reader is not to be a mere consumer but a prosumer, where he is an active part in generating content. We have realised this and empowered him accordingly.”

Das explained that the paper had introduced a programme, where every citizen could be a reporter. “It’s not that this is the first time this is being done, but we have made it easier for them to do so. From the content that comes through this, some will even find its way in the paper. The intent comes before the content and a co-creation of the product in this manner, ensures that we have involved our reader.”

Throwing more light on interactive element added to the site, Debashish Ghosh, VP, Corporate, BCCL, said, “There are various sections introduced on the website like ‘My Mumbai Mirror’, where the reader can post articles or upload pictures and from this, we will take content that can go in Mumbai Mirror’s print version. The other changes that we have made, whether it is the revamping of the blog or adding crossword online, each are with the objective to make the website more reader-friendly and to bring to the paper more of the reader’s point of view.”

While this is the action on the one hand, where more focus is on the digital space, on the other hand is the promotion campaign – ‘Flash Your Mirror’. The exercise is on the lines of what is seen with The Times of India in Delhi, where anyone who is carrying a copy of TOI stands win something. A similar campaign has been adopted for the Mumbai Mirror, where readers carrying a copy of the paper can win something. BCCL claimed that as much as Rs 1 crore worth of prizes were being given everyday.

“Newspaper reading today is not just about reading,” Das maintained. “It is also about entertainment, fun and instant gratification. This leads to strategic intent behind this initiative. The response we have received as yet is huge and, as is the case with such efforts, the return on investment is seen in the brand saliency.”

Das was clear on one aspect – brand and community were the new anchors of print media and that Mumbai Mirror was continually trying to leverage these in making its connect with the reader.

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