Arvind's single-minded pursuit of victory helped AAP win: Ashutosh Gupta

Arvind's single-minded pursuit of victory helped AAP win: Ashutosh Gupta

Author | Rashi Bisaria | Thursday, Feb 19,2015 8:52 AM

Arvind's single-minded pursuit of victory helped AAP win: Ashutosh Gupta

Former Managing Editor of IBN 7 and now spokesperson of AAP, Ashutosh Gupta, at the launch of his  second book ‘Mukhaute ka Rajdharma’ at the Delhi World Book Fair, revealed the reasons behind the AAP win, spoke about his role as a writer and politician, and the neutral tone of his writing.

In a frank address to an audience of book lovers at the World Book Fair, journalist turned politican Ashutosh Gupta stated that politicians had to wear many masks and also that it was easier to run a channel. The former Managing Editor of IBN 7, released his second book ‘Mukhaute Ka Rajsharma’ in the presence of noted Hindi writer Namvar Singh who was the Chief Guest and Editor of Hindustan Shashi Shekhar. The book has been published by publishing house Vani Prakashan.

‘I still feel I’m a misfit in politics and want the writer in me to remain alive’, Gupta said, adding that Indian democracy was not robust enough to allow politicians to express their individual thinking.

Ashutosh Gupta was bitten by the writing bug as a student and reflected on his days at Saptahik Hindustan where he was allowed freedom of expression in the early years of his journalistic career by then editor Mrinal Pande. The confidence and humility he imbibed in those early years shaped his writing and thought process as a journalist.

When asked about AAP’s phenomenal win and what he attributed it to, he said, “Our goodwill was our biggest strength. People had confidence in us. But it was Arvind Kejriwal’s single-minded pursuit for victory that urged us not to lose heart and emerge victorious. AAP is a thought, it’s an idea that people believe in.”

Earlier in the day, Gupta had tweeted about Politics being a stopover for him. Adding to that he said, “It’s very difficult to remain honest in politics as you are bound by party affiliations. I can work with people with whom I can violently differ. Rajdeep and now Arvind Kejriwal were two such people.”

The journalist turned politician turned author stated that AAP wanted to establish a Delhi model of alternative politics and spread itself nationally. Punjab would also be a point of focus.

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