Aroma of coffee with the morning newspaper

Aroma of coffee with the morning newspaper

Author | Shree Lahiri & Deepa Balasubramanian | Monday, Jun 11,2012 8:04 PM

Aroma of coffee with the morning newspaper

Readers of Deccan Chronicle in Hyderabad on June 4 and The Hindu in Chennai on June 6 got to savour the morning news – with the aroma of coffee.

This was an initiative by Parle Biscuits to promote the launch of a new variant of Hide & Seek biscuits called Caffé Mocha. The essence of the flavour was dispensed through the newspapers, with the front page also carrying an ad prominently. was behind this innovation. The agency was involved from the concept stage to the implementation.

“People love any kind of innovation as long it reaches them in a proper manner. We are specialists in ‘aroma newspaper’. It helps companies grab attention and make people love the product,” said Bharat Kapadia, Founder,

Describing the process used, he said, “We supply an applicator which contains the aromatic essence to the printer. This is mounted on the printing machine. As the printing takes place, the aroma is sprayed on the newsprint, which stays for days.”

The agency had attempted this last year as well when HUL launched Bru Gold. “Senior executives at Hindustan Unilever were thrilled that they could drive home the richness of fine coffee by getting consumers to experience the aroma,” said Kapadia.

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