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Anant Nath
Director, Delhi Press

New media is not eating into the pie of print content. If you pick any successful digital media portal, invariably it is a replica of the print publication. Most digital content is riding on the back of traditional media, whether it is broadcast or print… As lon...

Arun Anant
CEO, The Hindu Group of Publications

The main focus is to strengthen the existing brand digitally. If newspapers were the source of conversation in the past, today social media is the source of conversation. If you look at the newspaper, the way news flows and the approach is different and, therefore, the way a digit...

Narendra Kumar Alambara
COO, Thanthi Group

I am excited about my role. I feel privileged and honoured to be part of an iconic media legacy that is expanding into new verticals. My role will evolve into more defined functions over the next few weeks.

Sanjay Gupta
CEO, Jagran Prakashan

The way TV has fragmented, marketers will surely realise that their spend in print delivers. Marketers need delivery on-ground and they need response, and on that count, print will score higher any day. Television advertising overall is growing also because of the multiple platfor...

Lynn de Souza
Chairman & CEO, Lintas Media Group & Chairperson, RSCI

The IRS is a good product, but it is stuck in a time warp. It has to change and improve. It has to be more forward looking. Where just about everything around us is changing, the only two major changes that I have seen in the IRS in the recent years are that it has gone quarterly ...