Another twist in NRS tale

Another twist in NRS tale

Author | Ritu Midha | Tuesday, Feb 17,2004 6:35 AM

Another twist in NRS tale

Flashback November 2003. An article in Hindi daily, Rashtradoot rocked the NRS boat. The article stated that The Times of India was ahead of Hindustan Times in Delhi. A case then was filed by Mapsor Advertising, in which Rashtradoot was made a party along with NRS. Mapsor had filed a petition that as the data has already been leaked by Rashtradoot, NRS 2003, R – 1 report should not be released.

Mapsor and Rashtradoot were on the opposite sides of the fence. But not any more! Rashtradoot has now filed a case against NRSC in Delhi High Court. In a nutshell, the petition stated that those involved in conducting the survey had got annoyed that the report was leaked. The petition also stated that NRS has therefore victimised Rashtradoot by purposely downsizing its readership in their survey report.

Senior advocate Kapil Sibal, who is the advocate for Mapsor as well, appeared for Rashtradoot as well in the suit drawn by his son Akhil Sibal. Sibal stated that another newspaper had been granted interim injunction on the grounds of indiscrepencies and pleaded for a stay on similar grounds.

The interim injunction, passed by the Court noted, “A perusal of the plaint application under consideration and the documents placed on record suggest that there are some factual inaccuracies in the impugned Survey Report prepared by defendant No 1 in regard to the circular/readership of the plaintiff's newspaper… Till further orders, the defendants stand retrained from publishing, circulating or using in any manner whatsoever the survey figures in their report for the year 2003 qua the plaintiff. Order 39 Rule 3 CPC be complied within two days.”

There was no NRSC representation in the court and the injunction was passed ex-parte. The next hearing of the case would now be on 10th March.

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